Dressing & Vanity Tables


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Looking for a dressing table that is both functional and fits in with the décor of your bedroom? Or perhaps you’re after a vanity table with practical storage that doesn’t impact the floor space of your room. With a dressing and vanity table collection embracing both French Provincial and Contemporary eras, you can rest assured that Grand Living will provide the perfect vanity piece for your room.

Whether it's a modern dressing table or one with Parisian appeal, our superior range delivers quality, flair and functionality with every design - made by expert artisans who take the utmost care to deliver perfectly sculpted and carved furniture with timeless appeal.

For those with a love of the classic look, our French dressing table collection offers exceptional quality and authenticity throughout. Capturing the spirit of France in every handcrafted piece, our off-white dressing tables are the perfect addition to your beautiful boudoir. Complete with cabriole legs and bronze accents to add a splash of colour to your bedroom, our French-style dressing and vanity tables are the perfect surface to host your jewellery collection or luxury beauty products.

If it’s a contemporary vanity table you’re after to complete an interior design theme, our modern dressing table collection promises elegance and versatility with every unique piece. From dressing tables delivering dual level storage or slide-out drawers, to quality upholstered vanity chairs offering comfort and style, our vanity tables are not only visually appealing, but sensible too.

Whether it's a dressing table with a cream finish highlighted by gold trim and crystal knobs, or a natural wood vanity table with unique functionality, our modern dressing table collection is guaranteed to complement the contemporary design of your bedroom.

All of our furniture is handcrafted and finished by skilled carpenters. Our expert craftsmen at Grand Living ensure the utmost care is taken to deliver perfectly shaped and sculpted pieces when creating custom-made furniture for your home. We also pride ourselves on teaming with suppliers who use sustainable practices to manufacture our outstanding quality furniture pieces.

If superior quality is what you’re for in a dressing table or vanity chair piece, look no further than Grand Living – the experts in luxury furniture design.