French Beds


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French Style Beds

Enjoy a hint of imperial France with our quality French bed collection. Designed to be the centrepiece of your bedroom, our French beds promise refined sophistication and elegance both day and night.

Offering both King and Queen size bed frames across our French beds collection, our bedroom showpieces boast generous space and maximum comfort to all that sleep on these sturdy wood bed frames. Designed to complement matching bedside tables, customers are given the option to add additional furniture to their bespoke furniture order before finalising their selection. Reimagining your sleep space has never been easier.

Characterised by lightness, elegance and ornamentation, the interlacings of curves and countercurves based on the ‘swirling’ alphabetic shapes of ‘C’ and ‘S’ align with the asymmetrical design rule of the late Baroque period. Offset by light pastels, gold and off-white as commonly featured in the Rococo design, our luxury French bed collection is an exquisite taste of the exclusive French Provincial furniture range at Grand Living. 

Whether it’s a Queen bed frame with a towering wingback leather headboard, exaggerated curves and intricate ornaments, or one with a silver accents, tufted buttons and an indulgent fabric finish, our French bed assemblage is perfect for those who love to live in both elegance and comfort.

Our selection of classic style bed frames are built from solid wood and boast premium upholstery, meaning they are built to last and will remain sturdy over time. Many of our bed frames include the option to modify the upholstery to a different fabric or velvet upon request, making your French bed selection truly customisable from the outset.

Our French beds are made with precision and care. Handcrafted and finished by our skilful artisans, this luxury bed collection is produced by skilled professionals who pride themselves on delivering perfectly shaped, sculpted and carved quality wood bed frames complete with high quality upholstery. At Grand Living, we also ensure we source products from suppliers who use sustainable practices to manufacture our exceptional quality furniture pieces.