About Us

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Grand Living is all about creating the home that you love.

We are an Australian-owned furniture retailer whose mission is to bring you a range of stunning and elegant pieces that will accentuate your home and provide you and your family with many years of luxury living.

Whether it be French Provincial or Mid-Century Modern. Classic or cutting edge. Timeless or trendy. Our collections will have something that will appeal to your tastes and suit the style of your home.

We value craftsmanship, quality materials and exquisite designs.

We believe that every piece has its own character. Our French Provincial collection features individually handcrafted ornaments, ensuring that every piece is unique.

Our customers love our dedication to customer service and the extra mile we go to meet their needs. Feel free to contact our friendly team if you need any help or have any questions. 

How our furniture is made

Grand Living sources furniture from reputable suppliers with decades of experience in cabinetmaking and renowned for their skill and craftsmanship.

Using quality wood and fabrics, our suppliers combine traditional techniques with innovative technology. Expert artisans shape and sculpt each piece of wood to produce exquisite pieces of furniture, featuring detailed hand carved ornaments.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our furniture is of the highest quality.

All of our suppliers use sustainable practices and provide a safe working environment for staff.

The Process


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