French Provincial furniture


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French Style Furniture

Inspired by early 18th century Paris, our French Provincial furniture collection guarantees timeless style and sophistication in your home. With a complete range of tasteful French Provincial furniture, our period pieces are sure to add a little savoir-faire to your living space, whether you're after an off-white console table with a classic walnut table top finish or a mahogany office desk complemented by abundant drawer space.

Whether you’re looking to buy a French Provincial centrepiece online that invites attention, or a smaller piece to complement the interior design of your room, our extensive range of classic furniture provides much to choose from for homeowners and designers with a specific style in mind.

Characterised by lightness, elegance and ornamentation, the interlacings of curves and countercurves based on shapes such as ‘C’ and ‘S’ align with the asymmetrical design rule of the late Baroque period. With light pastels, off-white and gold commonly featured in the Rococo design, our French Provincial furniture lends itself to duplication with the crafty use of an antique mirror.

Featuring majestic curves, handcrafted ornaments and gold and silver accents, our quality Rococo line also offers exquisite attention to detail and highlights the natural forms of the late Baroque period. Our Rococo furniture pieces offer either subtle refinement or bold sophistication to your home office, bedroom or living room space depending on the design.

Each of our French style furniture pieces are handcrafted and finished by expert artisans. We work with skilled carpenters and upholsterers to ensure the utmost care is taken to deliver perfectly shaped, sculpted and upholstered antique furniture suitable to a variety of rooms in your home. We also pride ourselves on sourcing products from suppliers who use sustainable practices to manufacture our exceptional quality furniture pieces.

From a luxurious French bed with light peach leather head and footboard, to a jasmine leather padded sofa centrepiece, our French Provincial furniture collection promises grandeur and splendour in every living space.