White marble and how to ensure its longevity

White marble. The gorgeous natural stone that adds value and prestige to the structures of which it is showcased. Whether it’s a marble coffee table to dress up your living room or an iconic edifice such as the Greek Parthenon, white marble is unique in that it appears increasingly beautiful as time goes on.

The natural wearing of this stone adds character and elegance to any furniture piece or building design – though because it is porous in nature, it can be easily stained if not sealed correctly. Despite this, many would still agree that there is no equal aesthetic to white marble – not even quality manmade quartz that so many companies use in place of this desirable stone.

Why is white marble still in high demand?


White marble is considerably more affordable than other natural stone countertop materials, such as granite and soapstone – and yet, it maintains its effortless grandeur just as well as the more expensive stones in its category.


Because marble is softer than granite, it lends itself to more intricate designs and softer edging throughout the fabrication process, making this one of the more versatile materials of its kind.

Heat Resistant

Marble remains cool, which is why many bakers and chefs prefer it as a surface material. It is also resistant to extreme heat, so your pots and pans won’t start a fire if placed on a white marble countertop.


Many people don’t realise that marble is created through a natural process from sedimentary dolomite or limestone rock. Due to this unique formation, each marble piece or slab is distinct with hues and colours specific to that piece of stone’s original location and the inimitable mix of minerals within.

But with all its wild veining and luxurious appeal, there are a few tips and tricks to caring for white marble – particularly if you’re using it as a table or counter top.

How to care for your white marble furniture

Buy a quality sealer

Purchasing a sealer with a long warranty is worth every cent. The sealer itself is relatively affordable, and is a fantastic investment that will protect your honed white marble table top for up to fifteen years (depending on the brand).

While marble is durable, its calcium carbonate composition makes it susceptible to damage from acidic foods such as tomatoes, coffee, wine and juice. So if you want to avoid ruining the grand aesthetic of your luxury furniture piece, use a sealer on your white marble surface.

Use a trivet

Marble can withstand the heat from your boiling hot pots and pans, but it is recommended you use a wood, metal or rubber trivet between the hot pot and your marble countertop.

Clean mess immediately

When preparing food on a white marble countertop, or placing food and drink on a marble coffee table, consider placing a piece of silicone, plastic or a large chopping board on the surface to protect from spills. If you’re unlucky and a mess occurs, ensure you wipe it up immediately.

Use gentle cleaners

White marble surfaces should be dusted with a microfiber cloth weekly. Alternatively, you could use a damp cloth and a pH-neutral cleaner designed for stone, or a mild dish soap and water for a wet clean. Make sure you wipe the surface free of suds, and dry with a soft towel.

It is important to completely avoid cleaning products that damage the surface of the stone over time; this includes those with vinegar, bleach, ammonia, lemon juice, orange or other citrus foods in their ingredients list.

Likewise, abrasive cleaners will dull the immaculate finish of your white marble, so ensure only gentle cleaners are used.

Fix scratches and remove stains

If you’ve discovered some mild etching in your otherwise pristine white marble dining table, a marble polishing powder will help to rectify the issue quickly and efficiently.

Similarly, if you’ve encountered a stain of any sort on your white marble, mix baking soda with a little water before spreading it over the entire stain. Leave the substance for 12 to 24 hours before gently removing it by wiping with a damp cloth.

So there you have it. White marble is likely to remain one of the more popular materials used in designer furniture and attractive kitchen designs. It’s durability makes it a practical choice for people who want functionality from their furniture without compromising on luxurious aesthetic.

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