Top 5 kids' bedroom makeover ideas

Giving your child’s bedroom a makeover can be just as exciting as setting it up for the first time. From new furniture investments to décor and lighting selections, the options for creating a new and exciting theme in a child’s bedroom are endless.

Display Shelves

Create a room your child can be proud to show to their friends. If your child adores their action figures, model car collection or favourite book series, you may want to consider a floor to ceiling wall unit.

As children get older, they are less likely to climb tall shelves, which is why wall units are a brilliant option for your tween or teen. These bespoke items can be measured to your room’s specifications and securely fitted, ensuring no nasty accidents occur.

kids bedroom display shelves

Image by Christa Grover from Unsplash

For younger children who are learning to take pride in their belongings, attractive display shelf options can now be found built-in to particular luxury kids bed frames, like our Lucas Kids Bed & Bookshelf. Notably, a shelf with Ogee edging is lush and attractive in appearance, while a shelf with a Bull Nose edge is by far the safest option for your young child – especially if the shelf is positioned at head height.

kids bedroom display shelves


Rugs, canopy bed curtains, and stuffed toy hammocks are just some of the fantastic additions to consider when redesigning your child’s bedroom.

Depending on your chosen theme, a bright and vibrant play mat can brighten up a room with bland or colourless walls; whereas the classic kids car mat we all know and love may be the ideal rug to protect your child’s feet from the cold hardwood floor in the winter, while providing hours of fun to rambunctious siblings and friends.

kids bedroom play mat

On the other hand, for the introspective child who loves to curl up with a good book, a canopy bed curtain may be the perfect supplement to their room. Luckily, decorative canopies no longer require a four-poster bed. Modern canopies are versatile and come in a range of styles: one such style is the Dome canopy, which can be easily attached to the ceiling. Wonderfully, these canopies are affordable and available in a vast range of colours and designs to suit every child’s personal taste.

Knowing that many children end up with an abundance of plush animals by a certain age, the stuffed toy hammock is a fabulous way to display their furry friends with style. Best hung in a top corner of your room, the lightweight netting is non-invasive and a pleasant way to honour the plush toys your child has accumulated over the years.


With second, third and fourth bedrooms being considerably smaller than the main bedroom, children are often left with only a small play space - and yet often own more belongings than mum and dad combined!

kids bedroom mirror

Image by Isaac Quesada from Unsplash

To give the illusion of a larger play area in your child’s room, consider installing a wall mirror or investing in a wardrobe with a built-in mirror. Not only will your child enjoy taking ownership of their appearance each morning in their very own mirror, but the reflective glass will extend the size of the room as well as welcome more natural light into the room.


Nightlights have long been a lifesaver for parents who are sleep training their baby or encouraging their child to sleep independently.

Save space and keep your young child safe from harm with nightlights that attach to the wall. Most nightlights are affordable and can be secured using a variety of methods, including Velcro (for lightweight models), picture frame hooks and cable wire clips. Watch your child drift off comfortably, as the nightlights and fairy lights lead their imagination into a gentle slumber.

kids bedroom nightlights

Image by Victoria_Borodinova from Pixabay

Whether it is new bedding, a framed poster on the wall, or a whole new décor theme to change the aesthetic appeal of your child’s room, the planning of your child’s new bedroom theme is an exciting process they surely want to be a part of. And with winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning a cosy new look for your child’s bedroom.

The Ultimate Space Saver

For some families, it is inevitable that their children share a bedroom. However, the decision to move two or more children into a room isn’t always easy when there are beds to consider, especially in a confined space. That’s where bunk beds come into the picture.

Thankfully, gone are the days where siblings are forced to sleep in squeaky aluminium-frame bunk beds that offer only slight comfort and little to no light in the lower bunk space. At Grand Living, we pride ourselves on sturdy, high quality, luxury bed frames made with precision.

charlotte kids bunk bed

Whether it is the Charlotte Bunk Bed with its fairytale-like design or a bed that cries “adventure time!” such as the Mason Bunk Bed, children love a timeless piece that both sparks their imagination and gives them peace of mind at bedtime.

mason kids bunk bed

While parents want their child to sleep in comfort, they also understand the need to consider storage space and their child’s belongings before purchasing new furniture. Bed frames such as these encourage kids to take pride in their play space, with subtle drawers and hidden compartments that are inviting to young children and allow for superb storage of toys, books, clothes and more.

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