Things to consider when creating a sofa lounge look

It is far too easy to fall in love with a signature sofa or luxury lounge without first considering necessary aspects of the decorative process and future functionality of your room.

Before investing in a new lounge, you will need to consider if your new sofa will be the showpiece of your living space, making it the focus point of the room. If so, this means you intend for your sofa to stand out, which could involve vibrant fabric upholstery or a colourful pattern or print.

However, if you’re looking for a sofa lounge to complement a room with existing furniture, décor and design, you will need to consider the existing colour palette of your room; this will include keeping in mind the styles and colours of your floor, walls, curtains and other furniture pieces.

Adding a Sofa to your Existing Space

If you regularly redecorate your home, neutral sofa lounges in beige, cream, taupe or grey are the most versatile colours to work with, giving you more scope for decorating and altering the existing theme.

Beige Leather Sofa

Image by Katsia Jazwinska from Unsplash

Sofas that blend in with the colour of the wall paint in your room will have an expansive effect, making the room look roomier compared to a lounge that contrasts with the existing colour scheme; this can be useful to keep in mind, especially if your living space is of a small to medium size.

Taking into consideration the colour or shade of your floor is also important when purchasing a new luxury sofa. If your living room enjoys a glossy wood floor with warm winter tones, sofa lounges like the Jacqueline French Sofa with its rustic walnut frame and dusty rose fabric may be the right sofa for you.

Jacqueline French Sofa Dusty Rose


On the other hand, if your room offers cool and muted tones of grey, baby blue and mint green, you might consider a luxury furniture piece such as the Camille French Chaise Lounge. Featuring quality blue grey upholstery and a celadon frame, the lounge is complete with intricate ornaments splashed with hints of gold, adding class and colour to your European style room.

Importantly, interior decorators recommend spreading the ‘accent’ of your neutral toned sofa throughout the room in the way of paintings, prints or accessories to balance the aesthetic of your space. With little splashes of colour spread about your room, your sofa lounge will blend nicely into the existing space without losing its fresh and luxurious appeal.


With both traditional and modern contemporary options so readily available, no longer are home decorators constricted in their choice of rugs. When selecting a rug for your living room, it is important to remember that you are not just creating a ‘look’, but an atmosphere for your living space.

To brighten a room with a complementary sofa that blends in with the cool tones of the room, you may consider matching well-upholstered cushions with a rug in a warm and natural colour such as walnut or nutmeg, or rose gold for a chic feel.

Clara Sofa White


When selecting a rug for an already colourful room, a neutral rug or a single colour will work best. However, with rooms with furniture that blends with the walls and décor, a patterned or vibrant rug may be the eye-catching addition your room needs to highlight the space your lounge inhabits.

Wall Decorations

How you decorate your room is just as important to the overall appearance as the sofa itself. When visitors enter your living room, what are their eyes drawn to first? Likewise, when pondering the perfect sofa or lounge look for your home, consider how wall decorations can complement your living room’s style and intrigue.

A single bold artwork can work well in a neutral room, as it draws the spectator’s eye directly to the print, allowing the sofa lounge to remain unobtrusive in the room’s overall scheme and layout.

Clementine French Sofa Cream


However, if you’re having trouble deciding upon which image to display above your sofa, you may consider a gallery wall arrangement; this could be a series of black and white photographs evenly spaced in a straight line along your wall to frame the sofa below, or a group of images in colours complementary to your sofa, offset from one another in a trendy, splayed fashion.

For rooms lacking in space, create the notion of depth with a mirror positioned above the lounge to give the illusion of a larger living space. Be creative in your placement of the lounge and mirror, as a strategically reflective piece can emulate the scenic view from the window opposite, replicate the attractive mantelpiece parallel, or mirror an attractive artwork on the wall opposite.

Grey Sofa

Image by Adam Winger from Unsplash

So, when looking to purchase a new lounge or sofa, first consider whether you are creating a new living room look from scratch or adding to an existing room and colour scheme. Also remember that rugs, wall decorations, cushions and other such accessories provide the finishing touches to your new sofa lounge look, allowing for a new dynamic design to take place.

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