The latest trends in home style

By Melissa Gerke

Covid has impacted many parts of our lives, including our home environment. So not surprisingly, the latest trends in home styling have been heavily influenced by lockdowns, home schooling and working from home. It’s comfort, texture and natural materials, such as marble, that people crave in decor during this unpredictable time. 

Natural fabrics and materials are the latest style trend

Marble, rattan and terracotta are making their way into homes across the country like never before. Marble dining tables, rattan lamp shades and fixtures in an array of metals are making the home environment peaceful and soothing. It’s now easier to find furniture made with luxurious stone, and interior designers are mixing and matching it in every room of the house.

Natural Stone in the home

Currently, home styling is all about creating a soothing and calming atmosphere. The strength and beauty of stone makes it a versatile material and well suited for this environment. In living rooms, marble is a striking feature on both coffee and dining room tables. Marble is a classic, luxurious stone as it comes in a range of colours, from light to dark. No piece is the same as the veins have their own character, making each piece of furniture unique.

Marble is even easy to clean. Simply wipe the marble top with a non-abrasive sponge using mild soap.

Marble Dining Table


The large, darker slate tiles or slabs of Terrazzo, a pebbly look from the 1980s, are making a comeback too. Some designers are adding an extra element of texture by literally breaking the pieces. Kitchens are using the pebbly look or Terrazzo in their splashbacks and benchtops. Bathrooms have slate tiles on both the floor and walls.

Marble Coffee Table


Stone can also provide a transition between living spaces, even between outdoor and indoor areas. Large terracotta pot plants with leafy green plants are stunning indoors. Matching with terracotta tiles or pot plants outdoors will create a seamless flow between the two areas.

Pot plant

Natural fabrics are a style trend that’s here to stay

Natural fabrics in earthy colours are trending and are here for the long run. Think of oversized, leather armchairs, where you can curl up with a good book. Pair leather furniture with linen and wool rugs with natural dyes. Rugs on timber floorboards lift a room, adding warmth and interest.

Orange Armchair

Natural materials are moving into the home office

Home offices, whether for work or schooling are now a dedicated spot in most Aussie homes. Before Covid, perching on the side of the kitchen bench may have been adequate for algebra or finishing off some data entry. Now, most homes have cleared out the guest bedroom and turned it into an office.

Brass, copper and tarnished metals are not only for tapware, but are also popping up in home offices. Interior designers are creating a cohesive look throughout homes by adding touches of metal to furniture too. Desks and office chairs have touches of metal and are matched with stationery items in the same finish.

Andrea Office Desk


In the lounge room, stone coffee tables have metallic legs or rims. Try pairing the metallic trim with indoor pot plants.

Round Marble Coffee Table


With so much time spent indoors, adding greenery to the nooks and crannies of our homes creates flow and research says it’s good for our mental health. Potted plants can be added to side tables, benchtops and shelves.

There’s a wide range of materials from stone, terracotta or ceramic to choose from when it comes to pots.  Potted plants can even be placed in woven rattan baskets.

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