Mirrors are the home living feature you need in 2021

If you’re a homeowner, tenant or landlord, you’re likely to have a mirror in your home for everyday use. If you’re an interior designer, you’ll possess a great collection of mirrors in all shapes and sizes, because you know they enhance the natural light and artistic value in any room. And if you’re a home living aficionado, you will certainly be familiar with the concept of hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is the Danish concept of creating a living space that embodies a feeling of cosiness and contentment. It is a feeling of happiness and peace, and the act of being present in the now. Hygge can be achieved in a number of ways, and there are no limitations to the concept. However, one way to achieve ultimate hygge in your home living area is through the inclusion of mirrors.

Modern mirrors have become more than just useful accessories depicting one’s reflection before leaving for work in the morning. Mirrors today are considered to be functional interior design showpieces, with purpose far beyond reflecting the human image.

living room mirror

Image by estall from Pixabay

Creating your Hygge

In Danish culture, gentle, warm lighting and a cosy, clean and comfortable space is complemented by calm rituals, such as brewing a cup of tea, listening to gentle music or taking a warm bubble bath. Whatever your style, your hygge experience will undoubtedly by enhanced by the addition of a mirror in your chosen space.

If you’re the proud owner of an ornamental mirror placed aptly above a fireplace, start your fire and add a few candles to the mantlepiece to accentuate the warm light in your room. Voilà - you’ve got yourself a calm and tranquil living space.

Likewise, placing your candles along the end of your bathtub or by your mirror produces a gentle lighting hue, easing you into the night ahead. Often accompanied by the fragrance of your chosen scented candle, it is important to start your hygge process in a clutter-free space.

Impression of Space

A well-positioned mirror is especially useful in extending the space in your room or hall. There is little wonder why many suburban hallways host a full-length mirror in this narrow space, or a large decorative mirror above a sleek console table by the front door. Not only is a mirror by an entry way or in a foyer considered good Feng Shui (as long as it isn’t directly opposite the front door); it will successfully reproduce light throughout the space.

Reflecting Light

From an early age, children are taught about concepts of light and shade. The attentive Primary student will excitedly explain how sunshine or candlelight bounces off a reflective object to create more light, while opaque objects absorb the light. And they aren’t wrong.

Experienced interior designers will confirm that mirrors located near to a light source captures and reproduces light emitted from the original source, which magnifies the light organically. So whether the light source is sun’s afternoon rays beaming through the garden, or a designer corner lamp in your home library, when we think back to hygge, natural lighting is a key trope, and is happily sustained by a well-positioned mirror.

living room sofa cabinet mirror

Image by Engin_Akyurt from Pixabay

Statement Pieces

Quality mirrors can be used to make a statement in a living space. While a singular mirror may function as a centrepiece on your bedroom wall, a set of mirrors may establish an artistic, edgy look in your living room. Whatever your style, you’ll find that the best mirror statement pieces appear in uncluttered spaces and are considerate of their surrounds.

The key to selecting and positioning your mirror statement piece is to ponder the hygge in your home. Perhaps your mirror reflects the French bi-fold doors that open onto the patio, or the morning sunlight emanating into the room. Wherever the mirror, it should always create a feeling of serenity.

french living room mirror sofa

Image by ClaireRendallDesign from Pixabay

Geometric Mirrors

If you’re looking to enhance your home living space with a contemporary style wall feature, a mirror set could be the focal point you room requires.

While the inclusion of a lone mirror is the standard solution in most suburban homes, dipping into the Art Deco era with multiple mirrors placed in a geometric pattern may be the dynamic design you need. Not only does the modern geometric art style create a talking point with visitors, if placed in an otherwise dark room with poor lighting opportunities, the addition of a nearby lamp will help pour light and life into your cosy, homely space.

But don’t stop at two. Every good artist knows the Rule of Threes (or Rule of Thirds) allows for better focus on the centre of an artwork. What will you place opposite your geometric mirror display?

geometric mirrors sideboard

Image by carolzise from Pixabay

If you’re looking to create your hygge and need the perfect design ensemble, our French Provincial mirror collection will make your home look stunning.

If your hygge is appreciating the gentle breeze through your living room window as you visualise a vibrant port in an ancient European coastal town, the stunning Marseille Hallway Mirror and its inflections of imperial France will make your experience all the more real.

marseille french hallway mirror

Or perhaps you are a workingwoman with a particular penchant for all things lavish and grand, and your hygge relies upon décor with a royal hue. If so, the full-length Antoinette French Mirror with its hand carved ornaments in gold and silver accent is the perfect addition to your bedroom.

antoinette french full length mirror

Whether a simple porthole mirror is all that is needed in your home office, or an artistic collection to create your very own Hall of Mirrors, there is no doubt the addition of mirrors both big and small will enhance your home’s look and feel in 2021.

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