French Provincial Design

Mahogany bookcases, velvet upholstered armchairs, wingback headboard beds, entertainment units with cabriole legs… What do these pieces of luxury furniture have in common?

They’re all inspired by the French Provincial era.

Much like Napoleon’s quest for a national aesthetic for a more beautiful France, at Grand Living, our French Imperial collection pays its homage with refined furniture pieces for every room in your home.

The timeless colour scheme, furnishings and artistic elements are enduring, and show an appreciation for both the old and the new. With rustic subtleties, warm neutrals and splashes of soft grey, blue and ivory, the French Provincial style is one that evokes class and elegance at every turn.

But it doesn’t stop at furniture.

French Provincial Architecture

Ever since its debut in the 1600s, French Provincial has remained a popular style of architecture, and continues to be used in contemporary building designs today.

French Provincial architecture can be easily recognised by its stately appearance, with original structures being manor houses or chateaux homes built by French aristocrats in the rural areas beyond gay paree in the early 17th Century.

Many of these houses were inspired by Versailles, using styles and furnishings bespoke to the palace, such as the cabriole legs, gold and silver accents, and fine padded upholstered wingbacks on the furniture within its walls. All employed, of course, on a provincial scale.

French Provincial in Contemporary Architecture

The French Provincial architectural style may have adapted over the centuries to accommodate changing tastes and standards of living, but several of its original tropes remain. High arched windows, steep-pitched and sloping roofs, and brick or stone facades continue to represent the French Imperial era in modern architectural structures today.

Brick or Stone Facades

While a modern French Provincial home may include a half-timbering look, many of today’s majestic country homes are finished with brick or stone facades. The facade is often flat, and features rounded towers near the entryway or other areas of the house.

Proportion and Symmetry

French Provincial homes are kept in proportion and unerringly symmetrical. For example, an entryway or front door is positioned precisely in the centre of the front wall of the house, with an equal number of tall, rectangular windows on each side. Simple painted shutters often border the windows. But while this may be the case for the external design, interiors often took on the opposite approach.

Steep Pitched Roof

Almost all French Provincial homes showcase a steeply pitched roof; this is a roof where all four sides slope downwards to the ground. Added to the design are dormers; these are small extensions that stretch beyond the edges of the roof and add to the simplicity and splendour of the home.

Two Stories

With steep pitched roofs to cover the house, it is little wonder many French Provincial homes are built with at least two stories. These grand country houses often incorporate tall, arched windows in the upper levels, with many even featuring windows that extend beyond the eave to create a taller, grander structural appearance.

Stylish Decor

While the French Provincial home structure typically pertains to a design of straight and symmetrical lines, the interiors are often softer; this is shown in the luxury furniture featuring curved lines, a variety of fabrics of various textures, and colours that imitate the nearby landscape.

Our French Provincial Furniture

At Grand Living, we proudly offer a range of tasteful furniture pieces reflecting the French Provincial way of life. Our classic-meets-contemporary approach will add a little savoir-faire to your living space – whether it’s a wingback armchair complete with teal fabric padding, or solid beech wood plant stand with gold ornaments. Our collection of Parisian pieces offer elegance and majesty for every room in your home, be it bedroom, dining room or lounge, and are all handcrafted by expert artisans who are invested in keeping the French Provincial style alive.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our ever-growing French Provincial collection to add a splash of France to your home today!

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