Bring France to you: Five ways to style your home like a Parisian

The French have impeccable, inimitable taste style. They know it, you know it, I know it. Whether it be in their cuisine, their wines, the way they live their lives, the French know how to do it all in flawless style.

For those of us who don’t live in France: who cannot stroll along the Seine, or inhale buttery croissants on the daily - there are still ways to bring French flair into your life without living in a historic Parisian apartment or an 18th-century farmhouse in the Provençal countryside.

Within their own homes, the classic French style embodies a casual elegance that feels both effortless and carefully curated, minimally - and deeply personal. There's something about Parisian-chic decor that feels so effortless, yet so hard to replicate; and the same goes for the high end, Provincial style that is so in demand these days. Should you wish to turn your home into a beautifully curated, French-inspired haven there are two main principles that you should follow: don't be afraid to mix different styles in your home, and don't overdo, or clutter your space - honour it.

So how do you bring a little Parisian, or Provincial France flair to your home? Here are our five style and design recommendations to master the art of French style in your own home.

1. Antique-Looking Mirrors

Nothing feels more French than an artfully placed, beautifully decorative mirror. Whether your preferences run towards having a full length item, or a smaller piece hung upon your wall, a well placed, well chosen mirror adds effortless style and chic to the room. If you have a smaller area, then mirrors are especially useful as they open up the room and make your space feel more luxuriously large.

French Antique Mirror


2. Go For The Gold

Whether you’re after Parisian chic, or more of a French Provincial furniture vibe, all that glitters, very much is gold. A touch of golden glamour across your home lays the perfect foundation for a French interior.  Don’t overdo it; too much gold can end up looking tacky. Keep it tasteful and placed sparingly across your home to create continuity. Consider hanging up a golden gilded frame over your fireplace, or a low coffee table with legs brushed in antiquated gold tones… there are countless options for you to choose from.

French Dining Set


3. Vintage-Styled Chairs

The French are artists when it comes to mixing different styles within their homes to create an effortlessly tasteful and Parisian aesthetic. A well chosen armchair can provide beautiful contrast, or add continuity to a living room or bedroom.

French Armchairs


A high-backed set of chairs can also complement any walk-in wardrobe with timeless style. Be sure to select a colour that matches the colouring of your wardrobe, or dressing area.

4. Rest in Luxury on a French Bed

To live life fully, one must be well rested. The average person spends a third of their life in bed, so it only stands to reason that a luxury bed is the way to go. Luxury bedding ensures you not only rest well, but that you rest, and rise, in style. The Claudette Bed is one of our most popular luxury French style beds. It has a celadon frame paired with a luxurious beige leather headboard that features extensive, ornate detailing in gold and silver accents. Rest and rise with a distinctly royal French feel.

Claudette French Bed


5. Parisian Entertainment

The French are world famous hosts, so having the right furniture for entertaining is a must! For a beautiful French twist on a boring bar cart, try a classical Parisian bar cabinet, or even a glass display cabinet. These cabinets are a great way to showcase your collection of alcoholic beverages and beautiful glasses for when guests are over.

French Display Cabinets & TV Unit


Whether you entertain large or small, incorporate some classical French lines into your living and entertainment area. Our Marseille Drinks Cabinet is perfect for smaller spaces, while our Antoinette Display Cabinet is a great option for a larger living area.

Both the bar cabinet and the glass display cabinet can be styled in the Parisian chic, or Provençal fashion, depending on which liquors, glasses, and other trinkets you opt to display within them.

Have an extra large area to entertain in? Our Antoinette Two Door Display Cabinet allows additional storage, without compromising on style.

Cover Image by Francine Sreca from Pixabay

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