8 beautiful armchair styles (and the spaces they work in)

Whether it’s for curling up with a book, or to nurse a newborn, an armchair is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy.

However, when buying there’s one rule you need to remember; get an armchair to stand out.

Too often we see people buy one to simply blend in with their current space.

In our book this is a cardinal sin of interior design.


An armchair is one of the most effective ways to make a room pop. They’re born to be a signature piece.

Bright Orange Armchair

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

That said picking the best option is easier said than done.

Do you go for a modern armchair or a more traditional style like a French armchair? Do you splurge and get a design classic like an Eames or Wishbone?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with choice and there’s no set answer — it comes down to your space and taste at the end of the day.

There are countless different looks to choose from, so we thought we’d share eight of our favourite armchair styles to help get you inspired.

Club chair

This is a prime example of a modern armchair style. Created and made in France this rounded style epitomises comfort. In fact, it was first referred to as the fauteuil confortable, the "comfortable armchair".

It’s usually made from leather however people are now branching out with other textiles in rich jewel-tones.

The design of our Madison Armchair is inspired by the club chair. We opted for a vibrant baby blue in a textured fabric finish as it made the soft curves even more delicate. The colour and sturdy design create an elegant look while maximising comfort.

Madison Baby Blue Armchair


Cane armchair

Cane and rattan furniture have seen a revival of late with the material surging in popularity in 2020.

And for good reason.

Cane adds an airy natural texture to any house. Coastal homes or those that favour a Hamptons look should consider cane and rattan as it creates a sense of lightness in a space.

It gets better.

The flexibility of the material means cane armchairs can come in virtually any shape or style.

Cane Armchair

Image by DagnyWalter from Pixabay

French armchair

For those who favour a more opulent style, look at Louis chairs and French Provincial occasional chairs.

They are characterised by a high-back and feature premium wood with rich fabric.

Our Giselle Armchair is a prime example of a French armchair.

The celadon frame is paired with blue grey fabric padding and tufted buttons. Featuring exaggerated curves and intricate ornaments, the wingback evokes a distinctly majestic feel.

Giselle French Armchair


Leather armchair

Leather is one of those magical elements in design. The material can simultaneously make for a timeless or modern addition to a home, depending on the piece of furniture in question and the room it’s being added too.

Before investing in a leather armchair however we’d like to issue a warning; make sure you have the means to look after it.

Once leather ages and cracks there’s not much that can be done so avoid sunlight and other heat sources and get it cleaned and conditioned regularly.

If you have a cat we’d urge you to reconsider leather lest your expensive investment turns into the cat’s new scratching post.

Leather Club Armchairs

Image by terimakasih0 from Pixabay

Womb chair

The womb chair was born when Florence Knoll asked architect and industrial designer Eero Saarinen to craft a chair that was like “a basket full of pillows.”

This comfortable design is a modern staple today that features indented armrests, rounded design, and moveable cushions.

Our Jameson Armchair is our interpretation of this beloved design. It consists of wraparound arms with textured upholstery and environmentally friendly microfibre leather to create superior comfort.

Jameson Armchair


Wingback chair

The wingback chair is designed for comfort but has the added bonus of creating a sense of grandeur in a room, with its sweeping back and rounded arms.

This style first gained popularity in 1720, when it was initially constructed from just wood and featured flat arms. Thankfully, the design was rethought in the 18th century and fabrics and a rounded design were introduced.

Red Wingback Chair

Image by Hans from Pixabay

Wishbone chair

This iconic chair is as timeless as it comes.

Designed more than 70 years ago, it features a bentwood armrest and a paper cord rope seat in a woven envelope pattern.

It was first created by Hans Wegner in 1949 for Carl Hansen & Søn in Denmark and is sometimes referred to as the Y-chair. 

This sculptural piece is best suited for modern homes that favour minimalism and natural textures. This will make the wood and cord stand out.

Wishbone Chairs

Image by Laura Davidson from Unsplash 

Eames lounge chair

Last but not least is what might just be the world’s most famous armchair.

The Eames armchair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, a married couple, in 1956 and marked the designers’ first foray into high-end design.

The distinctive lounge chair and matching ottoman seamlessly blends function, comfort and design. It works in virtually any space and matches most layouts.

While they’re on the more expensive side, with vintage and new production loungers often selling between $5,000 and $6,500, this is a style that never dates.

Eames Lounge Chair

Image by Josh Hemsley from Unsplash

Before we leave you – a few more tips

We hope you’ve drawn inspiration from the above.

For an armchair to truly stand out, please remember to be bold.

Go for materials and colours that contrast nicely with your current couch — or furniture if you’re looking beyond the living room. For instance, if you have a grey linen couch you could look at an emerald green velvet armchair for a luxe modern look or a nice brown leather for a more rustic vibe.

The other thing to ensure is to pick one that fits your space.

You don’t want a bulky, domineering chair that overshadows the whole room after all!

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