7 Simple Tips for Accessorising Your Home

Accessories are highly important when redecorating a room or home. Not only do they add character, atmosphere and interest to a living space, but they are a great way to reflect the various personalities residing in the home, too.

There is an art to the process, however, and amateur decorators should keep in mind a few simple ideas to ensure their new home accessories are wisely selected.

While accessories can liven up your space and add a hint of frivolity or individuality, being lazy with your accessory selections can result in a room or home that is overrun by clutter and ‘stuff’. Here we explore 7 simple rules for creating the perfect balance in your home with the use of accessories.

Quality Over Quantity 

Find items that best represent you and your family. Avoid mass-produced items that can be found in department stores or big name online distributors. Visit a local antiques or second-hand store for some hidden gems and vintage buys, or source accessories from independent sellers in your local area or off-brand eCommerce stores.

Keep it in Proportion

Before you buy that gorgeous rug or luxury lamp, take note of your floor space and the existing furniture in your room. The last thing you need is a crowded or crammed living area. Aim for size-appropriate accessories that add to the comfort and contentment created in your room, which means sufficient room to move, stretch and relax without tripping on over-the-top rugs or bumping into chunky stand-alone accessories.

Colour and Texture

Ready to bring your neutral room to life? Adding interior design accessories with a splash of colour or a contrast in texture will add character and essence to your room. Whether it be a funky piece of wall art, colourful coasters atop your coffee table, or an eye-catching ornament in a central location, taking into account the texture and shades of your accessories in relation to your current room theme is key.


Many home makeovers today aim to achieve a modern design – meaning a more simplistic and neutral approach when it comes to wall paint and décor. To brighten up your room, add accessories into the mix by contrasting old with the new. While avoiding generic department store accessories is still your best bet when decorating your home, mixing in vintage accessories with a more contemporary collection will spark curiosity and intrigue, and highlight your room’s best features.

Mix it up

There are a multitude of accessories you can experiment with to find the perfect balance of comfort and creativity in your home. From functional items such as lamps, mirrors, doormats and rugs to the more conventional decorative pieces such as candles, artwork, cushions, vases and throws, you can have fun exploring what works best in your room without restriction.

Choose your Theme

It is important to decide first upon your ultimate design, whether it be a seaside theme brought to life with natural elements such as seashells, pinecones and floral arrangements, or a French Provincial theme radiated through the gold and silver accented accessories to complement the luxury furniture displayed throughout your room.

Take your Time

Interior decorating is highly subjective, and only you will be know exactly what accessories and furnishings will best represent your family’s interests and tastes. That said, there is one rule you should keep in mind before rushing into the purchase of a new accessory: if you don’t love it, leave it.

When browsing your local antique store or shopping online, if you aren’t ‘attached’ to the accessory and find yourself umming and ahhing at the prospect of adding it to your room, avoid the purchase. Not only do you want to sidestep an unnecessary monetary outlay, you also don’t want to look at the item year in, year out with regret.

By taking your time to select the best accessories for your room or home, you’re more likely to end up with a concise collection of ornaments, books and artworks that are forever beloved by your family and hold special memories to share in the years to come.

So when you’re looking to redecorate your chosen space, keep in mind these few simple guidelines to ensure your room and home continue to exude comfort, calmness and creativity – without the clutter.

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