7 bedroom trends we love in 2021

We’re two months into 2021, and we are already seeing some gorgeous bedroom trends, styles, and designs emerge. The past year saw a lot of whites, pale woods, and ash-tones, but 2021 looks to mix it all up!

Looking for ways to give your bedroom a makeover? Read on for our seven favourite 2021 bedroom trends, and how you can incorporate some of these design ideas and styles in your own home.

Bring Back the Bold

For most of 2020, the more muted, neutral tones were popular in bedrooms, but now the colour dial is shifting. We’re moving on from the muted, minimalist look and bringing in more bold, daring colour choices in the bedroom. You can bring the bold in a wide variety of ways; from striking wallpaper to statement wall ornaments or finishings, to bright, colourful linens and bed covers. 2021 is about showcasing personalities and the brighter and the bolder the better!

Make your bedroom yours, stamp your unique style on it.

Invest in a Statement Bed

Your bed is often the largest piece of furniture in the room, which means it’s the number one feature that you can use to set the tone and show off your style.

So, how does one style a bed? In 2021: go large!

Allow your bed to dominate the space. Make it a statement, so much so that it makes an immediate and lasting impression on anyone that enters the space. Unsure which style you should pick? You’re in luck, both classic French style and glamorous, contemporary beds are in! Pair the bed style of your choice with gorgeous silk or satin sheets and pillowcases, and include a deluxe throw to really create an ambience of luxury. Take a look at our Clara Bed, which ticks all of these boxes.

Clara Luxury Modern Bed


Headboards are a Must Have

Going hand in hand with statement beds are statement headboards. In line with the move away from 2020’s muted, minimalist looks - bold, French style headboards are back in style. Not only are these gorgeous pieces of furniture a completely personal way to incorporate your style into your room, they’re also super cosy and the curved designs are especially great in winter.

Don’t be afraid to use your headboard and make it a focal point of your bedroom. Pair it with deep, rich linen and throw colours to really take your 2021 bedroom style to the next level. French-style headboards like those on the Camille French Bed provide the ultimate statement of luxury and comfort.

Camille French Bed


Bring in Different Textures

In contrast to 2020’s softer colour palette, 2021 is all about contrasting textures and tones.  Embrace contrast, pair deep wooden frames with royal blues and then a splash of brass or gold. Love stone? Great! Contrast a feature stone wall with a bohemian style palette bed, and lots of greenery!

Image by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay

If you’re someone that prefers a deep wood over a stone feature, then consider combining contrasting textures with a statement bed by purchasing yourself a luxurious four poster wooden bed.

Embrace Armchairs

Nothing says comfort and luxury like a gorgeous, large armchair nestled in the corner of your bedroom. Pick a comfortable, oversized style armchair that complements the statement bed and offers a contrast to the curtains or rug colouring. Add in a gorgeous armchair table or side table to complete the look, and you haven’t just added style and comfort to your bedroom - you’ve added classic functionality! Something like the classic Marseille Side Table next to your armchair will add a touch of style and detail to your bedroom.

Image by GregoryButler from Pixabay


A Touch of Antique

Looking to just make a small change to your current bedroom? Then this trend is perfect for you: classic and antique bedside tables! Antiques are a hot trend in 2021, and there is no better place to show off an antique item than next to your statement bed. Look for a cool colour, so as not to take away too much from the bed as the focal point of your bedroom; a piece like our Lyon French Bedside Table could work wonders.

Lyon French Bedside Table and Bed


Soft Lighting

Soft light is considered the ideal lighting to bring the bold colours and the statement pieces that are trending in 2021 together. With all the bold colours, patterns and pieces placed around the room, it's important to ensure that the lighting is also right - the wrong lighting can really hamper a well-designed bedroom.

Consider styling your bedroom so that your bed faces the windows, or if possible - surrounded by windows. Not only will this natural light lift the bold colours, it can also be beneficial for your mental health.

If your bedroom doesn’t have many windows, consider having low, soft lights mounted on to your wall, instead of bedside lamps. This will also add a sophisticated, hotel-esque finish. Want to go the extra mile? Consider hanging a chandelier in the centre of your bedroom ceiling.

Image by tom4328 from Pixabay


The key thing to remember when redecorating your bedroom for 2021 is that big, bold, and statement are in. Indulge yourself with some high-quality pieces that will add a touch of luxury to your bedroom and take your home to that next level of style.

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