5 Inspirational Interiors: A Sneak Peak into the Homes of Interior Designers

As a rule, homeowners and residents who take joy in redecorating or renovating their homes spend much time adhering to the valuable tips and tricks of interior designers and architects.

But have you ever wondered what the home of an interior designer or architect actually looks like? Do they practise what they preach by following their own design guidelines?

From colour schemes to accents, materials to textures, eras to accessories, the question of whether these design specialists apply their deep knowledge of the field to their own homes is a question we’ve longed to be answered.

Here we take a sneak peak into the homes of five architects and interior design specialists, taking a close look at the techniques and tips these experts really recommend.


1. Nickolas Gurtler
Home on the Yarra in Richmond, Victoria.


Photographed by Timothy Kaye.

With the sophistication of a bold colour scheme and both horizontal and vertical lines throughout, the home of interior designer Nickolas Gurtler clearly expresses his love for the 1970s. The warm brown of the sofa lounge balances the beech wood unit opposite, with gold accessories throughout the room to complement and seamlessly blend the two colours. This room is the “point of tension between restraint and glamour”, says Gurtler.

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2. Fabrizio Casiraghi
Paris, France.

Photographed by Romain Laprade

Interior Architect Fabrizio Casiraghi may live in a tiny Parisian apartment, but the space is brimming with eclectic colours, accents and the masterful use of reflective textures throughout. The main bedroom boasts lacquered walls with a “Portofino Olive” hue, perfect for the creating the illusion of a larger bedroom space while ensuring a darker sleeping space so those pesky city lights don’t keep Casiraghi up at night.

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3. Rob Mills
Armadale Melbourne, Victoria.

Photographed by Mark Roper.

Home to Interior Designer Rob Mills, this Armadale apartment showcases a fabulous kitchen adorned in gold. With outstanding additions such as the use of rectangular furnishings to complement the architectural features of the room, the blend of bright and opaque furniture and accessories makes the gold aspects throughout this room pop.

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4. Pallavi Dean
Villa in Dubai, South Barsha.

 Photographed by Brett Turner.

The Dubai villa of Interior Designer Pallavi Dean champions more than just ‘show home’ appeal with its perfectly placed furniture and accessories throughout; it's is a liveable and functional space where “every square metre is maximised”, says Dean. The designer’s approach to redesigning her own home was multi-faceted and took several months to complete – with the end result being villa where every room enjoys a unique personality, with an overall boutique hotel-vibe suitable for her growing family.

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5. Emilie Bonaventurex
Paris, France.

 Photographed by Nicolas Mathéus.

Transformed from an ordinary-looking 19th century Haussman apartment in Paris to the spacious and eclectic home it is today, French interior designer and art curator Emilie Bonaventure is a perfect example of a designer with an eco-friendly mindset. With second-hand furniture a prominent feature of her dwelling, Bonaventure has managed to create a serene home full of assorted accents that are complementary to the overall contemporary feel of her abode.

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5. Sally Mackereth
The old Dickensian-era stables near London’s King’s Cross Station, UK.

 Photographed by Stephan Julliard.

For those with an overwhelming desire to emulate fantasy, look no further than Interior Architect Sally Mackereth’s London home. Acting as a tribute to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Mackereth’s home boasts an eclectic mix of vibrant modular furniture, animal print accessories, and eye-catching rugs that act as a main feature to the room. With a colour scheme that opposes logic in any ordinary household, the clash of colours in Mackereth’s London home is the perfect offset to the white-painted exposed brick wall and overhead beams in this abode.

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Images of Interior Designer homes sourced from Vogue Living, 17th June 2021.

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