5 Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring

The sun is shining, the flowers are budding and there’s a flowery scent in the air. After months of icy mornings, brisk days and cold evenings, it’s not uncommon to come out of hibernation with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm.

If you’ve suddenly found the drive to refresh your home interior but aren’t sure where to begin, here are 5 stress-free ideas you can use to refresh your home in preparation for the new spring season.

Add a Splash of Colour

With longer days and warmer temperatures to enjoy, spring is the perfect time to introduce a pop of colour to your home.

As winter often sees us embracing dark colours that embolden the weather outside, now is your opportunity to swap them for pastels or bright, bold neons – especially if you’re home follows a contemporary style.

Introduce light, airy curtains in place of heavy fabrics, and enhance your room with a little colour throughout.

Add Flowers and Greenery

Signifying a rebirth of the flora in our gardens, spring provides us with ample inspiration to replicate the vibrant seasonal regeneration indoors, too. 

Enhance your home with greenery throughout. A simple vase with a bunch of fresh cut flowers from your garden will not only add life to your room, but a beautiful fragrance to complement your luxury furniture and interior design.

If your home enjoys a more unconventional theme, add some eucalyptus or a potted fern for a fresh new look. Indoor plants such as these add vivacity and colour to any room, so be sure to treat them as an investment by placing them in quality pots from your local nursery.

And for cooking aficionados, you may opt to grow fresh herbs in your kitchen. Not only will you have the fresh smell of parsley, basil, rosemary and thyme emanating throughout your kitchen, but the flicker of green will distract from the typical sterile nature of the room.

Springtime Artwork

Swap out that old painting or print and replace with a new artwork. As we enter into spring, you want to say goodbye to those dark, oppressive shades that remind us of winter, and welcome art pieces that bring life to the room.

You may wish to introduce one or more new photos to your wall or gallery-style display, creating a seasonally appropriate design full of happy snaps, pleasant portraits and summery landscapes that mean something to you.

While updating every artwork in your home is likely too high of an undertaking, you may still choose to substitute a few pieces of art throughout your home for a fresh and updated feel – whether they be wall hanging art pieces or framed photos on your display shelves.

For grounded travel lovers, why not decorate your room with memories of holidays and adventures passed? Display your favourite travel photos and foreign trinkets throughout your room for a bespoke look that will leave you aspiring towards your next trip.

Use Lighter Fabrics

As winter comes to an end, store away your cable knit layers and heavy faux fur blankets to make way for more seasonally appropriate throws.

Now is the time to welcome lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen – especially where crisp neutral colours are used to create a bigger and brighter appearance.

Additionally, layering your white or light fabrics with pastel accessories or upholstery will help to offset an otherwise neutral space with a splash of colour that adds subtle vibrancy to the room.

Revive your Sofa Cushions

As the warmer weather inches its way into our lives, we can comfortably pack away the snuggly textiles and moody hues we became accustomed to in winter, and replace them with bright, easy-to-clean fabrics.

Replacing the cushions or cushion covers on your luxury sofa is the fastest and most affordable way to refresh your living room look. Not only will a new texture or colour change the tone of your room, new cushions will add extra comfort to your lounging experience.

This springtime, try boho textures in natural hues for a green-living aesthetic, classic whites and creams to complement the French Provincial furniture in your room, or pretty pastels for a springtime garden feel.

Whether your interior boasts a modern design or one inspired by imperial France, these five tips provide the versatility to freshen up any room as we approach the most joyous season of the year.

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