5 unique ways to decorate your TV wall

During lockdown, you may have found yourself rearranging furniture and sorting old linen closets more than before. You may have also found a taste for it.

If you’re looking for your next room redecoration or renovation, why not get started on your TV wall? Here are 5 creative ways you can decorate your TV unit wall with elegance and style.

Cove lighting

It’s no use placing bright lamps on your TV unit or near to your television set, because bright lights simply don’t make good hygge. However, we know it is sometimes necessary to introduce a little light to the space around your entertainment unit, which is why we suggest cove lighting.

This indirect form of lighting is often used as an aesthetic accent, and can be built into ledges, recesses and valances. The best part is it distributes the light evenly, which means no need to squint while watching TV of an evening.

If you’re looking to accentuate a luxury piece of furniture such as the Antony Entertainment TV Unit, cove lighting will help you achieve your design goal.

Add some shelves

Adding shelves to the wall behind your TV unit can make all the difference to your room’s look – especially if you have special items to display.

Floating shelves allow for better flexibility, as opposed to tall entertainment units with bulky inbuilt shelves. Placing your colour coordinated floating shelves inline with your TV unit will help to extend the furniture piece in a neat and modern manner.

You can be as creative as you like with floating shelves, depending on the position and location of your entertainment unit. If your unit sits along a large or long wall, symmetrical shelves might be your best look.

On the other hand, if your quality TV unit is located in a smaller room and closer to the corner, you may try placing floating shelves ‘at random’, which means different heights and position along the wall.

Create a gallery wall

Sometimes your sofa lounge is just the most comfortable seat in the house, but because it faces the television, you feel compelled to switch the TV on every time you sit down.

Avoid falling into the habit of dozing off to the latest prime time reality show by creating an intriguing gallery wall to gaze upon instead! Whether your personal style is structured or a little bohemian, you can make this interior design work in your home.

For a polished and organised gallery wall, make sure your frames share the same measurements. When placing them on the wall, make sure they align, and that the pictures on either side of your TV unit mirror each other.

Image courtesy Romy Justiniano.

If the ‘organised mess’ look is more your style, introduce artworks of different sizes to your wall – but make sure all photos or pictures are spaced evenly.

Image courtesy Mara Greenwald


Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the ‘busy’ look in your living room and now you’re looking to downgrade. If you’re tired of the accessories and pictures around your entertainment unit, it might be time to try a minimalistic approach.

Simply remove any frames or decorative items on or above your TV unit, wipe down your furniture piece and freshen up your room with two small indoor plants - one either side of your television.

If you have shelves above your entertainment unit, wipe these down too and place a simple vase or antique on display for a modest and tidy new look.

Don’t have a TV?

An entertainment unit need not house a television for it to be considered functional. Instead of using your quality furniture item to display a TV, you could try showcasing an eye-catching artwork instead.

Neutral French Provincial pieces with gold and silver ornamental accents such as the Bernadette Entertainment TV Unit match well with artworks using natural tones.

Already enjoying the grandeur of a striking piece of art on your wall? Try placing an elegant entertainment unit below to balance out your room. A carefully stained beech wood piece with cabriole legs such as the French imperial Pascal French Entertainment TV Unit brings majesty and magnificence to large living rooms and entrances.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our luxury range of TV and entertainment units here at Grand Living.

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