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5 unique ways to decorate your TV wall

During lockdown, you may have found yourself rearranging furniture and sorting old linen closets more than before. You may have also found a taste for it. If you’re looking for your next room redecoration or renovation, why not get started on your TV wall? Here are 5 creative ways you...

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How to Care for Your Upholstered Furniture

When you invest in a luxury furniture setting, you want it to last. And if there is one thing that disgraces an otherwise sophisticated dining set or living room layout, it’s damaged upholstery. From coffee spills to smudge marks, unravelled seams to smears, a luxury lounge can lose its appeal...

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7 Simple Tips for Accessorising Your Home

Accessories are highly important when redecorating a room or home. Not only do they add character, atmosphere and interest to a living space, but they are a great way to reflect the various personalities residing in the home, too. There is an art to the process, however, and amateur decorators...

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