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5 unique ways to decorate your TV wall

During lockdown, you may have found yourself rearranging furniture and sorting old linen closets more than before. You may have also found a taste for it. If you’re looking for your next room redecoration or renovation, why not get started on your TV wall? Here are 5 creative ways you...

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5 Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring

The sun is shining, the flowers are budding and there’s a flowery scent in the air. After months of icy mornings, brisk days and cold evenings, it’s not uncommon to come out of hibernation with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. If you’ve suddenly found the drive to refresh...

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7 Simple Tips for Accessorising Your Home

Accessories are highly important when redecorating a room or home. Not only do they add character, atmosphere and interest to a living space, but they are a great way to reflect the various personalities residing in the home, too. There is an art to the process, however, and amateur decorators...

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