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White marble and how to ensure its longevity

White marble and how to ensure its longevity 0

White marble. The gorgeous natural stone that adds value and prestige to the structures of which it is showcased. Whether it’s a marble coffee table to dress up your living room or an iconic edifice such as the Greek Parthenon, white marble is unique in that it appears increasingly beautiful as time goes on.

The natural wearing of this stone adds character and elegance to any furniture piece or building design – though because it is porous in nature, it can be easily stained if not sealed correctly. Despite this, many would still agree that there is no equal aesthetic to white marble – not even quality manmade quartz that so many companies use in place of this desirable stone.

How to Care for Your Upholstered Furniture

How to Care for Your Upholstered Furniture 0

When you invest in a luxury furniture setting, you want it to last. And if there is one thing that disgraces an otherwise sophisticated dining set or living room layout, it’s damaged upholstery.

From coffee spills to smudge marks, unravelled seams to smears, a luxury lounge can lose its appeal if not cared for correctly. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to keep your upholstered furniture looking fab, protecting it from the daily wear and tear that can ruin its overall look.